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Commercial properties present their own special set of legal pitfalls and complex dynamics for title agencies. Considerations such as tenant leases, EPA restrictions, etc. can, and often do, come into play and must be dealt with and resolved promptly, knowledgably and, above all, with precise care and professionalism.

Title Works Agency “has been there and done that,” in successfully untangling the nastiest issues time and again for over 50 years. So much so, that our clients have come to view us as THE commercial deal-closers; the ones who have earned their gold bars as a leader in commercial title transactions. Plainly put, we’ve set the standard that our competitors can only strive for.

Lender’s Policy

Typically this type of policy is required by the lender to insure the lender’s financial interest in the property. It is usual for the homeowner to bear the cost of the policy.

Owner’s Policy

This policy will assure that you are protected from any defects in the title - liens, fraudulent signatures, improperly settled estates, or other encumbrances to the title - that existed prior to purchasing your policy. In effect, an owner’s policy completely shields you from any significant litigation costs arising from title problems that can remain hidden for years despite the most exhaustive search of past property records. In this way, an owner’s policy provides you, the owner, with the peace of mind in knowing that the rights to your property are fully protected. Obviously this makes it a highly worthwhile investment.

Title Guarantee 

A title guarantee protects the purchaser only as to matters discovered on the examination of the record title. Whereas, a title insurance policy insures certain defects which do not appear in the record examination.