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Closings handled accurately and on time with properly executed documents. That’s the response we invariably hear when clients tell us what they demand from a title agency. Title Works Agency is continuously strives to meet that demand and has done so for over 15 years.

And now we have taken our competitive edge even further by embracing computer technology that permits us to more accurately process your title transactions.

These closing services encompass:

  • Procuring complete and accurate payoff statements
  • Communication with all parties to the transaction to ensure the smooth flow of all processes
  • Preparation of the Closing Disclosure Form, ALTA Settlement Statements and HUD-1 as applicable
  • Preparation of all the necessary documents to close the transaction
  • Timely forwarding of loan transaction package to the lender
  • Recording of required official documents
  • The proper disbursement of funds according to the parties instructions
  • Timely issuance of the Title Insurance Policies and return of the original recorded documents